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Marriage is a subject which has mystified and confused people throughout the history.

What really is marriage?
Why get married at all?
When is the right time to marry?
How do we know the other person is the ‘right’ one for us?

Questions like these have confused seekers through generations and the search for the eternal bond of love remains elusive to many.

In the present volume, the Masters speak with undeniable logic and wisdom that touches the deepest realms of our heart and soul. They educate us emotionally, psychologically and spiritually, literally hand-holding us through the dark mire of ignorance into the dawn of wisdom where we begin to view things in the right perspective and start making decisions with a united head and heart to make our marriage joyous and meaningful.

The first in the series, To Marry… Not to Marry… aims to enlighten the readers on the true purpose and philosophy of marriage. It takes the readers through the beautiful journey of marriage, from choosing the ‘right’ partner to the hardships one faces and how it all leads to evolvement of an individual into a better version of themselves. So delve into the book to read quotes from prominent people and understand the various gradients of marriage. A must read for all those who want to build the institution of Marriage on a strong foundation.

Marriage Wisdom Book 1 offers food for thought for all – College students, young adults, engaged and newlywed couples, educators, marriage counselors, therapists, parents of youngsters of marriageable age, and even older married couples who have “been through it all.”


Flower : Quisqualis indica

Symbolizes faithfulness

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