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Timeless Wisdom Series is a value-based educational series of books, which contain an inspirational collection of thoughts, stories, parables, poems, and anecdotes from the radiant writings of world renowned Prophets, Saints and Philosophers of the East and the West on various themes related with day to day living. It is a deep profound revelation of Eternal wisdom that attempts to highlight the common thread and promote better understanding amongst various spiritual traditions and religions worldwide – Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Zoroastrian, Bahai’s, Greek, Chinese, Sufi Saints, and many more.

The books in this series are books of love and light, and have a mission to perform – the mission of taking God and the Great Ones into the lives of people, of lighting in their hearts little candles of love, unity, compassion and reverence for the One Life in all, and to build a United World suffused with peace and harmony under the parenthood of God and the kinship of all beings. Through these books we hope to reach out to people with the universal spiritual truths that can make life more meaningful and encourage them to cultivate their own inner relationship with the Divine and to live in attunement with him. When people everywhere begin to think more deeply of God, to commune with Him, and align their lives with His divine laws, this world will know greater peace, kindness, and compassion.

“Timeless Wisdom Series” has been designed to echo the unity and universality embedded in the teachings of the Great Masters, and to portray the undercurrent of non-separateness underlying all races and religions in spite of apparent surface differences. The volumes contain a simple program to educate common people and newer spiritual aspirants in human values, and lead them on the path of spirituality, by first introducing them to simple topics like ‘Friendship’ ‘Marriage’ ‘Children’ etc., which concern human relationships in our daily living, and then step by step climbing through ‘Fear’, ‘Death’, ‘Anger’, ‘Ego’, ‘Desires’, ‘Suffering’, ‘Karma’, ‘Silence’, ‘Detachment’ and ‘Yearnings of a Pilgrim Soul’, to end their journey finally at ‘Surrender’. All topics are geared in the direction of spiritual upliftment of people, and the establishment of the Kingdom of God upon earth. By quoting different Masters from various Spiritual Traditions and Religions worldwide, we aspire to promote love and respect between people of various organizations and nations, and unite the lovers of God to work in collaboration with each other.

It is our deep aspiration that this book be so blessed so as to trigger the minds of the readers into a quest for truth and awaken in the hearts a deep hunger for the Eternal. We pray that the sweet and soothing words from the prophets and saints would flow through the pages and shower blessings on suffering humanity and be a balm to broken hearts and wounded souls. We also hope that this anthology would awaken in people the presence of unity in the midst of diversity, and serve as a useful guide to many moral and ethical value education programmes.

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