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Marriage is not only a bond between two people who would now be linked for a lifetime but is a union of multiple members of two families. Peppered with pearls of wisdom, this book guides the reader on all essential aspects of marriage – from vows to blessings, from sexuality to brahmacharya. It touches upon significant topics like the seven vows in a Hindu Marriage and includes the ever soothing and beautiful poetic rendition of ‘The Vedic Wedding Ceremony’ and the significance it entails. This book also explains in detail the much-coveted wisdom on understanding the fundamental differences between men and women and pushes the envelope further to bring to fore the often-unspoken subject of sexuality, marriage and brahmacharya as advised by the spiritual masters.

The Journey Begins is a bouquet of wisdom for all those unaware, skeptical yet optimistic newly-weds who are committed to making their marriage a success and are looking for practical guidelines on relationship management skills.

Marriage Wisdom Book 2 offers food for thought for all – College students, young adults, engaged and newlywed couples, educators, marriage counsellors, therapists, parents of youngsters of marriageable age, and even older married couples who have “been through it all.”


Flower : Quisqualis indica

Symbolizes faithfulness

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