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Modern people have more diversions than people from any other time. Why, then, are so many people lonely? With so many toys and gadgets to distract us, have we forgotten the importance of friendship? Why is depression on the rise? Why do we hesitate to communicate with each other? Friendship should be the most natural and easiest of human interactions and yet it is not always so.

Into the Realms of Friendship is an inspirational anthology that takes each one of us on a voyage of discovery into the infinite and mysterious realms of friendship. Who is a friend? What is friendship? How to identify a true friend? How to make that friendship inspiring and long-lasting? What to do if a friend has hurt your feelings? How to establish companionship with birds and animals? Does friendship continues from past lives? This book attempts to answer these and many more questions. Through this anthology, the Masters speak to the deepest needs of the human heart and soul, and reach out to people with the universal spiritual truths that can make life more meaningful.

Into the Realms of Friendship is the first of a value oriented inspirational series of books under the series title Timeless Wisdom Series. Positive thinking, right attitude, faith and optimism are the hallmarks of this fascinating book.

The foreword has been given by Revered Dada J. P. Vaswani, a universally acclaimed spiritual leader of our present times, and a favourite of the youth who has captivated the hearts of millions worldwide.


Flower : Quisqualis indica

Symbolizes faithfulness

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