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Meenal Gupta is an author/series editor and publisher in the inspirational & spiritual realm. Meenal is deeply influenced by the writings of the Great Masters and eminent philosophers of India and abroad. She has been compiling their valuable sayings for the past twenty-three years and is dedicated to publishing inspirational anthologies for the benefit of readers worldwide. Her project ‘Timeless Wisdom Series’ has received much appreciation from many Great Masters of the present era.

Meenal publishes books under the following subject categories : Self-help, Relationships, Inspirational, Spirituality, Mind, Body & Spirit, Philosophy, Religion, Multicultural, Education in Human Values, Social Welfare, Anthology, Quotations, Gift Book, Non-fiction.

  • To portray the undercurrent of non-separateness underlying all races and religions despite apparent surface differences. India will always be a cradle of all faiths. Reflections included are from Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Sufism, Zoroastrian, Bahai's, Greek, and many more.

  • To echo the unity and universality embedded in the teachings of the Great Spiritual Masters and promote love, respect and better understanding amongst various spiritual traditions worldwide and unite the lovers of God to work in collaboration with each other.

Meenal has studied MSc. Foods & Nutrition from Lady Irwin College, University of Delhi and presently lives with her family in Noida.

Her Ideology -

  • To lift the load off everyone’s minds and hearts and show them a way to lead happier and more productive lives rooted in the love of God and His creation.

  • To raise the level of consciousness and revive the fading values through wisdom that will illumine the mind and awaken the soul. When the mind is illumined, and the vision is clear, we can think clearly and take right decisions in life thereby leading a more contented, productive, happy and fulfilling life.

  • To research, produce and share perennial books and leave a record for generations to come. The words of wisdom are from the visionaries who preserved and promoted our heritage and continue to be an inspiration for generation after generation, decade after decade. What Swami Vivekananda has said is as valid today as it was a hundred years back and shall be a thousand years hence.

  • Give readers practical guidelines to overcome daily hurdles and realize the goal of this extremely rare and precious human birth in this very life itself.

  • To make a Hindu a better Hindu, a Christian a better Christian, a Muslim a better Muslim, and in the process, a better human being, so that this earth fosters and cherishes the values of eternal love.

Her Journey -

Twenty-five years back when Meenal envisioned global peace in the years to come, she realized global harmony required our value systems to be strengthened. Right education given at the right time, in the right direction, can mould lives and build a strong nation. During this time, Meenal compiled and published value-based inspirational anthologies under the series title Timeless Wisdom Series for the benefit of readers worldwide. The books in this series quote the radiant writings of the Great Masters on various themes related to daily living such as friendship, marriage, children, parenting, anger, forgiveness, ego, humility, fear, death, suffering, karma, desires, silence, love, compassion, peace, prayers, detachment, surrender, and the like.
Indeed, every thought that follows is a fragment of the rich heritage bequeathed to humanity by the holy ones of God and portrays the undercurrent of non-separateness underlying all races and religions despite apparent surface differences. It is a capsule of vitamins that will nourish spiritually both the heart and the mind and promote unity and integrity by raising the level of consciousness and reviving fading values. The quotes are arranged in a manner that appeals to the reader and is highly innovative in the presentation.
These books are the voice of India. They represent the ancient teachings and the modern inspiration that our Bharat epitomises and are intended to be a perennial record for generations to come. Our Bharat will always be a cradle of all faiths. The books in Timeless Wisdom Series embrace all races, religions and spiritual traditions and present them so lovingly and meticulously on a common platform with due respect to all.
These multifaith books quote the works of great philosophers and saints and include reflections from Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Sufism, Zoroastrian, Bahais, Greek, and many more. Ancient Bharatiya Scriptures such as Manusmriti and Kural have been extensively quoted along with the Holy Bible and the Koran.
This intensive, in-depth, pioneering research of twenty-five years is a labour of love. It is an offering in service to our beloved Bharat and humanity. This project has been blessed by many great masters of the present era. The foreword has been very kindly written by Rev. Dada J. P. Vaswani. 
Meenal’s journey has been long and arduous, and acknowledgement of the effort put in and the result thus achieved will convey that society still values brotherhood and harmony over the current state of affairs in the world and that there is hope for a beautiful future.

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