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  • Contains the wisdom of over fifty philosophers, mystics and saints through more than one hundred and seventy-five thought provoking and inspirational sayings.

  • The quotes from various Masters have been arranged thematically, taking reader on a journey from simple definition to a deeper insight into various aspects of the topic.

  • The book contains two separate indices, viz., author index & source index for ready reference.

  • Beautiful Warli illustrations form an important part of this book. Believed by historians to be traced to the Neolithic period (2,500 BC – 3,000 BC), the Warli paintings depict the theme of marriage in a very profound and elegant form. Characterized by the minimalist style employing simple geometric shapes in monochrome, the Warli paintings portray the entire gamut of tribal Indian society. Men, women, babies, plants and animals in their pristine existence depict a harmony and balance which signifies the harmony and balance of the universe.

  • The book is 21.6 x 14 x 1.4 cm in size with 208 pages in stora, creamy paper. The cover is ornamented in four color with UV coating and embossing.

  • Combined with an eloquent and highly readable style, the book is helpful not merely to specialists but also to general readers.

  • This book is in the knowledge of and has been blessed by the divine touch of many Great Masters.

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