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An Offering


Foreword by Dada J. P. Vaswani

Message from Dadi Prakash Mani

A word from Maulana Wahiduddin Khan


Timeless Wisdom Series – An Introduction

About the Book

A Note for the Reader

  1. Who is a friend

  2. What is friendship

  3. The need for friendship

  4. How to be a true friend

  5. The divine art of making friends

  6. How to choose good friends

  7. Beware!

  8. Why should we seek good company

  9. In the company of saints

  10. If character is lost, everything is lost

  11. Has a friend hurt your feelings

  12. The magic of forgiveness

  13. How to make friendships more loving and long lasting

  14. How may we nourish friendship

  15. The miracle of understanding

  16. Do you wish to help your friend

  17. Friendship is joy

  18. Does friendship continue from past lives

  19. All relationships should be grounded in friendship

  20. Universal friendship starts from home

  21. How can we develop friendship with our children

  22. Are you aware you have an Unseen Friend

  23. Animals are our earth companions

  24. Love your friends and enemies

  25. Let us build a United World

  26. Fellowship Song

  • Glossary

  • Author Index

  • Source Index

  • Poetry and Parables Index

  • References

  • Suggested Readings

  • Forthcomind themes in the Series

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