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Book Title : “Into the Realms of Friendship – A Journey with the Great Masters”
Compiler : Meenal Gupta

Name of Publishing House :

Sai Education International Publishing Centre, Noida, INDIA
Year of establishment : 2001

Into the Realms of Friendship is available in two formats :

  1. ISBN : 978-81-88206-00-1 (Paperback Economy Edition)

  2. ISBN : 978-81-88206-01-8 (Hardbound Deluxe Gift Edition with Slipcase)

Size : 22cm X 17.5cm (Paperback)
Number of Pages : 300
Illustrations : Pencil sketches
Language : English

Subject Categories : Education in Human Values, Relationships, Parenting/Family, Mind, Body & Spirit, Self-help, Social Welfare, Philosophy/Religion/Spirituality, Multicultural, Inspirational, Non-Fiction, Anthology, Quotations, Gift Book

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