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  • Contains the wisdom of over eighty philosophers, mystics and saints through six hundred thought provoking and inspirational sayings.

  • The quotes from various Masters have been arranged thematically, taking reader on a journey from simple definition to a deeper insight into various aspects of the topic.

  • The book contains three separate indices, viz., author index, source index and index of poetry and parables to enable the reader to refer to topic of his/her interest.

  • A comprehensive glossary of various terms, texts and proper names including brief biographical sketches of many spiritual luminaries is included in the book.

  • There is also a list of relevant books referred to, along with the authors, publishers and their contact addresses to provide support to those who wish to do research on the subject in greater depth.

  • Animal lovers will note with particular pleasure that a generous section has been dedicated to our four-footed and feathered friends who share this beautiful planet with us and enrich it in their own unique ways. Delicately done illustrations of animals and birds embellish the text, awakening in us a deep sense of connectivity and compassion with nature around us.

  • The flower illustrations form an important part of this book. These are based upon the writings of The Mother, Sri Aurobindo Ashram. The spiritual significance of flowers is great indeed, and a conscious and intimate relationship with flowers can give an experience of communion with the divine. The beautiful pencil drawings of different flowers tie in with the theme of the particular section.

  • The book is in 22cm X 17.5cm size with 300 pages in art paper. The cover is ornamented in four colour with UV coating and embossing.

  • Combined with an eloquent and highly readable style, the book is helpful not merely to specialists but also to general readers.

  • This book is in the knowledge of and has been blessed by the divine touch of many Great Masters.

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